Life Imitating Art: Lily’s TV Baby Should Be Named Fendi


This was originally supposed to be a post about the fact that Kelly Rutherford, the actress who plays Lily on Gossip Girl, is four months pregnant and OMG! what will happen to her character once she starts showing? Will she be written out of the show for a few episodes “vacationing” off the personal drama of the past few months? Will the pregnancy be written into the script as Rufus’ fourth child? Or could she be pregnant with Bart’s baby, thus bringing her closer to the Bass riches? Maybe nothing will happen. (See: Debra Messing, Season 6, Will & Grace. They could choose to just ignore it — anything is possible.)

But we digress. It turns out that not only is Kelly pregnant, she’s also in the middle of a messy real-life divorce from her husband of two years, Daniel Giersh. People Magazine (we know, we know) provides Giersh’s explanation for the rift:

“I have been extremely concerned about our son living in a hotel and a New York lifestyle, and this has been one of the main reasons, if not the reason for the ending of (Rutherford’s) and my marriage. (Rutherford’s) routine is that she has weekly hair appointments for at least two hours, manicures, pedicures, shopping and the like. She has been able to do all of that because I have been taking care of Hermes, and am happy to continue doing so, as it would be best for him.”

A divorce due to Rutherford’s “New York lifestyle,” and what we’re sure is an impending battle over a 2-year-old son whose name is HERMES. Even Cecily von Ziegesar couldn’t have dreamed up something that perfect. Maybe the show’s writers should start taking notes.