Hipster Headlines: Food Stamps, Terry Richardson, and Novelty Yarmulkes


OK, so we’re launching a new weekly feature. It’s called Hipster Headlines, and the idea is pretty self-explanatory. We’ll round up the most interesting hipster-related stories of the week and leave you to do with them what you will. Play along after the jump, or, if you hate the term and all things associated, head over to Gawker, where they’re voting for a new word to replace it. Which, come to think of it, will make finding these stories a lot harder for us…

AOL’s Spinner hired an army of music-loving hipsters to interview every band playing at South by Southwest at $50 a pop. Guess who missed their deadlines. [via Gawker]

Allegedly some economically-strapped hipsters are using their food stamps to buy fancy organic food and it’s making certain people hate them. Others are just glad that they’re eating healthy food instead of junk. [via Salon]

A response to a response to the Salon piece. Amanda Marcotte asks, “If you cut a hipster, does he not bleed?” [via DoubleX]

Last night the Team Gallery hosted an opening party for hipster photographer Ryan McGinley’s new show. It was shut down by the fire department. As one tweet described the scene: “Ryan Mcginley show = grand street bike lane looks like an art school walkout.” [via Gawker]

Speaking of hipster photographers: Jamie Peck modeled nude for Terry Richardson back when she was 19 and felt like she need to take two showers afterward. [via The Gloss]

It’s inevitable that future generations of hipsters will laugh at our sartorial choices. But which will they find funnier: novelty yarmulkes or people wearing their pajamas in public? [via Vice]

The Pavement reunion could signal the end of Baby Boomer cultural hegemony. That would mean that the hipsters have finally won! [via Slate]

Happy hipster moment of the week: Tao Lin’s unexciting book Shoplifting from American Apparel is going to be adapted into a movie that will make people not want to move Brooklyn. [via Village Voice]