Architizer Picks: A Top 10 of SoCal Architecture


Following its debut last November, architecture database and networking site Architizer is doing as an American pioneer should and sallying forth to the West Coast. Launching tomorrow in Los Angeles with a bash at the A+D Museum, Architizer is spreading its design/build web over contemporary architecture projects from sea to shining sea. We checked in with the crew and had them curate a selection of LA’s best architecture to mark the launch; ogle their ten picks after the jump.

Helios House by Office dA, Johnston Marklee, BIG — “To reinvent the gas station as an ecologically sensitive installation, the architects used evocative ecology to design the form. The project is at once a billboard and a responsible actor in the quest for more sustainable architecture.”

Formosa 1140 by Lorcan O’Hirlihy Architects — “Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this new eleven-unit housing project emphasizes the central importance of shared open space for the residents and the community. ”

Angel’s Edge by Brian Messana — “The genius of this house is to get out of the way. As a visitor approaches all they see is the Pacific Ocean as the house is designed as an extension of the horizon.”

Habitat 15 (Detroit Street Housing) by Predock_Frane Architects — “The project is deceptively simple: the animated facade hints at an interior of multi-story interlocking and spatially dynamic volumes.”

Jamie Residence by Escher GuneWardena Architecture — “The clarity and simplicity of this ranch house that hovers over the hills of Pasadena is breathtaking.”

Domaine LA by Della Valle Bernheimer — “Wine store. Wine glass. Wine lights! Why not? This recently completed wine store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles uses 48 spun aluminum hemispheres to light the center of the room. Their shape and color is reminiscent of a field of full wine glasses.”

Rosa Muerta by RSd – “Not only is this vacation house brilliantly designed, from its mirrored surfaces to its heart shaped breeze block, it is for rent! The architects built it as a rental property without a client.”

Twin Houses – Akron by Predock_Frane Architects — “What’s better than one house in the Pacific Palisades? Two! This set of conjoined twins creates spectacular spaces through their combination.”

TERRABANK by Fletcher Studio Landscape Architecture + Urban Design – “What’s more LA than freeways? We love the way this project re-imagines the freeway embankment as a habitable space.”

Family Room at the J. Paul Getty Museum by Predock_Frane Architects

The fellas also heartily encourage any interested parties located in Southern California to attend the launch party tomorrow evening, Thursday March 18. RSVP to