Snodgrass Dies, Christensen’s Honored, and More Reading Could Be a Bad Thing


W.D. Snodgrass has passed away (via Poetry Foundation).

Inger Christensen, the Danish poet best known for her book Alphabet (an abecedarium based on the Fibonacci sequence), died recently and is honored on a wall in Copenhagen (via Ron Silliman).

As already mentioned this week, the NEA reports that reading is on the rise. Maybe that’s not such a good thing after all (via Mark Doty).

Fairytales have also come under some fire by British mums (via Daily Telegraph).

Another literary crime discussed this week implicates Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses (via Guardian).

James Campbell, author of This Is the Beat Generation, has a piece in the New York Times on another provocateur wherein he reviews The Letters of Allen Ginsberg (ed. Bill Morgan), which was published in 2008.

Other interesting links stumbled upon this week include UT-Austin’s multimedia project, Danteworlds, as well as new Ashberry recordings up at Pennsound.