Required Viewing: Breaking Bad’s Season 3 Premiere


You know that we have a thing for living on the edge. That’s why Flavorpill loves AMC’s smart, addictive series Breaking Bad, which stars former Malcolm in the Middle man and two-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston as a high-school chemistry teacher turned drug lord. We’re particularly excited for the third season, which begins this Sunday night.

As Cranston told Parade Magazine in a recent interview:

“This season really explores Walter’s transformation to adapt to his new lifestyle of crime and how you have to manipulate and maneuver in order to navigate the dangerous waters. It’s all about Walter starting to come to grips with who he is, why he’s doing this and acceptance of that. He’s taking control, allowing himself to be the intimidator. It’s about the seductive power of money and how that changes a person.”

Sounds juicy. We’ve already blocked out every Sunday at 10p.m. to camp out in front of our TV. Read what everyone from Variety and TV Guide to Entertainment Weekly has to say about the upcoming season, watch the trailer below, and join in us in being couch potatoes, for once.