Pic of the Day: Beach Trash


Judith and Richard Lang are a collaborative husband and wife team who use the plastic trash that they find on local NoCal beaches to make large sculptures, installations, photo tableaus, and jewelry. “In 1999 we started collecting plastic debris — carrying it away by the bagful — all from Kehoe Beach, a remote stretch of the Point Reyes National Seashore, in Northern California,” they explain on their website. “Certain items would catch our interest: milk jug lids, combs, toy soldiers, disposable lighters, cheese spreaders from lunch snack packs. We were attracted to things that would show by their numbers and commonness what is happening in the oceans around the world.”

View more images of their work — which is available for purchase as prints — after the jump.

Balls 18″ x 36″

Bosky Dell 18″ x 36″

Bottles 18″ x 36″

Pick Up Sticks 18″ x 36″

[via GOOD]