Last Night’s Show: Mess With Texas, Day 2


If you spent last week feeling sad you weren’t in Austin, you can be somewhat comforted by the fact that attendees of Mess With Texas, Day 2 froze their collective ass off in 40-degree weather with a 30-degree windchill. Makeshift gloves were fashioned from the free Sweet Leaf Tea cozies given out at the Sailor Jerry stand, bandannas became face warmers instead of scene accessories, and 92-proof rum drinks suddenly became an absolute necessity.

Despite this cruel joke played by the weather, the bands we caught on Saturday seemed powered by the cold, inspired to work up a sweat and in some cases, encourage circle pits for warmth. So feast your eyes on our white-knuckled photo offerings, and by the way… even in teeth-chattering weather, we had more fun than you that day.

Click here to view a slideshow of images starring Fucked Up, Andrew W.K., and GWAR>>