Hipster Headlines: Fauxhemian, Big Bangs, and Health Care


Are media outlets abusing the word “hipster” in headlines “2 get hits”? Yes. Because it’s hard out there for a blogger. Well that, and love ’em or hate ’em, stories about hipsters are usually a juicy read. After the jump, find our second installment of Hipster Headlines, a round up of the most interesting hipster-related stories of the week. Leave links to anything entertaining that we’ve missed in the comments.

Gawker narrowed their search for a new word to replace “hipster” down to five finalists: Doucheoisie, Fauxhemians, Pabstsmears, Probos, and Trendsluts. We were rooting for Probos (professional hobos), but Fauxhemian won.

Speaking of terminology, in a recent interview with the New York Post, the White Stripes’ Jack White defended Meg’s drumming skills while coining a new term: “Her femininity and extreme minimalism are too much to take for some metal heads and reverse-contrarian hipsters.” Catchy, huh?

According to Vanity Fair, photographer Todd Selby’s hipsters are happy! (Enter to win his new book here.)

Why glo-fi/chillwave is bullshit, or “a hedged, hipster imitation of the pop [Chill-wavers are] not brash enough to make [themselves].”

In defense of glo-fi/chillwave.

San Francisco Weekly asks: Will hipsters drag down the U.S. health care system? “If one were to extrapolate from limited information about the San Francisco experience to the coming new national health care system, it’s possible to imagine that hipsters will be quite happy that mom and pop’s insurance will cover their fixie collisions, and other formerly uninsured Americans will be happy with their new coverage in years to come.”

Kylie Minogue is moving into a pre-furnished loft in Williamsburg. And this is her living room. Does that make her a hipster?

Did you realize that Chatroullete Bingo actually has its roots in Hipster Bingo?

Bill Murray made like a hipster and headed down to SXSW this year. Here’s some video of him bartending. According to a Flavorpill staffer who was on the plane with him back to NYC: “Bill was sitting right behind me and drumming loudly on the back of my seat until someone literally shouted, ‘Hey, drum circle, want to give it a rest? You’re not four years old!’ I don’t think they knew who they were talking to, but still, it worked. I would have asked him to stop myself, but how do you tell Bill Murray to stop banging on your seat??”

And now for a non-newsy PSA: Hipster hair for girls requires the 50% bangs to 50% ratio, as seen on Zooey Deschanel above. The more you know — cue shooting star graphic