MTV’s The Jersey Shore Goes International


La Situación, la Situazione, Sytuacja (that’s Polish), the Situation. The Guidos and Guidettes that we’ve come to know, love, and in some sad cases, idolize, are going global in more than 30 countries this week. According to Antonio Campo Dall’Orto, who manages Southern Europe for MTV Networks International, Jersey Shore is actually easier to promote overseas than other recent exports, like A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila, “because it has a more human element.” With international marketing slogans such as “Muscles + Gel + Tanning Bed = Sex,” we’re imagining future European tours where the GTL-clan will chow down on baguettes and kielbasas while being chased around like The Beatles.

Check out some of the video spots currently airing in the U.K., and let us know if you think The Jersey Shore — which, broke ratings records here in America — will translate to audiences outside of the U.S. Word is that production on Jersey Shore Season 2 starts this week in Miami. Are you as excited as we are?