The Impossible Project Launches New Polaroid Film


You may have heard rumblings that Polaroid film will be back in one form or another, and not just in shades of Fujifilm. Instead, The Impossible Project is launching two new types of film in limited supply, starting this Thursday, March 25. The folks behind the project outfitted a selection of artists worldwide with its new Silver Shade material embodied in a type of instant film called PX100 First Flush, which yields sepia-tinted monochrome prints. (Color film users will have to wait until the end of year to get their fix.)

We’ve got highlights from The Impossible Collection’s online database of photos taken using the new PX100 FF, after the jump.

“Succulent” by Brian Henry (2010) and “Disco Ecstasy” by Simone Frignani (2010)

“Unravel” by Lia Saile (2010) and “Untitled” by Aurelien Dumont (2010)

“Graham’s Robot” by Jeff Hutton (2010) and “Untitled” by Lindsay Josal (2010)

“Le Hoang Lan” by Boris Zulani (2010) and “A Real Boy” by Zora Strangefields (2010)

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