Daily Dose Pick: 5 Second Films


5 Second Films is a hilariously fast-paced, daily online video series that injects off-the-wall humor into micro-shorts.

Updated every weekday, the selection of clips ranges from profanity-laced action to bizarre, Adult Swim-friendly gags. We’ve spotted a dead leprechaun, a Waldo tattoo, and a truck-o-taur, all thanks to founder Brian Firenzi’s taste for the absurd (and possible ADD). The rules are simple: two seconds of opening title, five seconds of action on film, and one second of end credits.

View all the 5 Second Films, follow the 5SF blog, watch a random video, and install the bookmarklet in your web browser.

An Education

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Late to Work

The Changeling

Soaking Vengeance

Jenny Quickdeath Identifies the Body

The Midas Touch

Bank Job