Pic of the Day: Toothpick Cities


In elementary school, Stan Murno’s art teacher made the class build a structure out of toothpicks. Now, the Syracuse-based artist builds toothpick structures for a living. We think Murno’s devotion to toothpicks as an artistic medium is a bit odd, but we can’t deny that his collection of international monuments, temples, cathedrals, and skyscrapers is astonishingly detailed and accurate. After the jump, check out detail shots of of Murno’s toothpick cities and let us know your favorite elementary school arts ‘n’ crafts projects in the comments.

Wat Arun, Bangkok and Notre Dame, Paris

Montjuic Tower, Barcelona and Riga TV Tower, Latvia

Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal

And a… pirate ship, a floating criminal city of the sea.