Sundance Filmmaker Blog: Ry Russo-Young, You Wont Miss Me


Today I flew on a plane to Park City. My flight left at 9 a.m. and it was snowing and freezing in New York. It was a ‘Sundance’ flight — full of people who seemed to know each other and were all going to the festival.

Stella [Schnabel] was on the flight, so were my parents and Kevin Bacon. It was a small plane without a lot of leg room and it felt like an unusually long flight. I kept wondering if the other people were important film industry people I should be talking to, but I didn’t know who they were, so I chatted with my immediate neighbors and then went to sleep.

When we got into Park City it was sunny and beautiful. Stella went to take a nap with James the make-up artist and Josephine (who also acts in You Won’t Miss Me) and I met up. Jo and I dropped our stuff off at our house and then went to registration which was a bit of an ordeal. There were a lot of details to cover in a short period of time like how many tickets I get, and to which screenings and parties, securing peoples’ badges, etc…

I’ve never been to Utah, before so my filmmaker coordinator Colleen was kind enough to explain the lay of the land. I knew the house we rented was near the library so I wanted to figure out where everything was in relation to the library.

Watch the video that I created exclusively for Flavorwire here.