Exclusive: The Selby in Flavorpill’s Place (Plus Giveaway!)


Todd Selby is to domicile photography as the iPhone is to cellular technology: he’s managed to democratize envy of cool things, and put a sheen on something that could otherwise come off commonplace. He’s shot gorgeous, otherworldly homes from Brooklyn to Tokyo, though it’s the detail shots that keep us coming back for more: prosthetic legs, backstage passes, Welch’s grape juice bottles, Marilyn Monroe’s prescription sleeping pills. We corresponded with Selby on the occasion of his first book, published through Abrams; click through for preview shots from The Selby Is In Your Place, plus an exclusive illustrated interview à la the man himself.

Bonus: We’re giving away three copies of the book to lucky readers. Keep reading to find out how to snag one. Last day to submit a comment is Tuesday, March 30. We’ll be asking winners for photo evidence to post on the blog, so keep those descriptions accurate! CONTEST CLOSED. Winner will be announced Monday, April 5.

And some of our favorite shots from the bajillion amazing living spaces scoped by The Selby and featured in The Selby Is In Your Place:

Barneys New York creative director Simon Doonan and potter/interior designer Jonathan Adler playing ping-pong in “hyper decorated ’70s shag pad.”

Fanny Bostrom and Bill Gentle in the backyard of their Williamsburg, Brooklyn home. Fanny, a multimedia artist from Sweden, made the teepee.

Kenyan and Grace Kelsey in the bedroom of their farmhouse in upstate Warwick, New York.

Items from Kenyan and Kelsey’s collection of antiques.

So, you want to win the 256 pages of full-color photography and illustration (plus a title page with stickers) wrapped into The Selby Is In Your Place? Leave us a comment telling us what weird/rare/funny items you collect that would be worth photographing. Let the best three win!