Daily Dose Pick: Don McKay


Filmmaker Jake Goldberger’s fine debut has traces of both James M. Cain and the early Coen brothers in its curious, noir-tinted style.

Mislabeled as a thriller, this allusive film is more “ha-ha” than hardboiled. Thomas Haden Church plays a lonely, dulled-by-routine custodian who rushes home when a note arrives: his one-time love is dying. After 25 years away, he’s more compliant than Pavlov’s hound upon reuniting with the loony, blonde beaut (Elisabeth Shue). But, as in many a noir, nothing can be taken at face value, with the dark and knowing narrative leading to a surprising end.

Explore the official movie site, become a fan on Facebook, read an interview with writer/director Jake Goldberger, and watch the trailer for the Coens’ Blood Simple, one of the film’s main inspirations.