Video of the Day: South African Hipster Runoff


When Die Antwoord first appeared on the internet scene, the band’s underfed-kid-meets-hipster hairdos and so-dumb-it’s-believable slang set off alarm bells for the authenticity trolls among us. Were they true alt-bros? Or merely art school dropouts posing as “borderline mentally-retarded Poor Children from Ghettos covered in Generic Cheetoes Dust and Meth Crumbs”? Turns out it doesn’t matter, as the trio has been signed to Interscope Records and announced a European-American tour later this year. So very very zef. Check out the semi-demented and thoroughly entertaining video for “Zef Side” after the jump.

And in case you need a translator to understand the hip South African middle-to-trash slang, there’s a handy guide under the “About Us” section of the band’s website:

— VUIL means dirty. But it also means: cool, or once, or spif, or ace of bass.

— GE-BOOST means: turbo-boosted.

— A HAAS means: a rabbit. It’s also slang for a man likes children (in a bad way).

Oh, and:

— Anyone who says Die Antwoord is fake has got a very small totti.

And there you have it!

Bonus: Stream the Die Antwoord album $0$.