Maps Get Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi


We’ve covered cut-out paper art and textile art and everything in between, but stumbling upon Shannon Rankin‘s map art makes us glad there’s still a use for quickly outdated old-school road maps. (Quick jaunt down Memory Lane: remember fighting over The Map on family car trips? Trying to figure out the difference between I-95, 895, 495, and 195? Trying to fold it back up after seven hours of strife and a losing battle with McDonald’s ketchup packets?)

Now that pesky but beautiful paper maps are being put to more creative use, high-tech navigation options proliferate. We’ve got two new apps to try after the jump, plus more map porn from Shannon Rankin.

What’s that we hear? Free voice navigation for GPS-enabled trip directions? Why thank you, MapQuest! And the FourSquare juggernaut gets even more behemoth-y with an iPhone app called Kickball (hey, anyone remember Dennis Crowley’s Dodgeball?) that incorporates handy-dandy little maps into the social networking check-in site.

Ponder that newfangled technology while you peruse pretty lo-fi pictures by Shannon Rankin:

[All images: work by Shannon Rankin, taken from the artist’s Flickr page. Via BLDGBLOG.]