This Random Artist Really Wants an iPad


Today the “official embargo” on iPad reviews was lifted by Apple. But we’re not going to talk about that. Instead, we’re going to tell you about Melbourne-based cartoonist Andrew Fulton, who really wants an iPad, but can’t afford one. Unless you buy one of his iPad-inspired original drawings.

“All money raised from the sale of these drawings will go towards buying me an iPad, and possibly some art supplies if I run out of paper,” he explains. “If things go gangbusters (and why wouldn’t they?) maybe even an accessory or two — perhaps a protective case.” While this isn’t exactly an original idea, we enjoy his honesty. And his cutesy drawings. View what he’s come up with so far after the jump.

Dragon portal

Ninja Slice


Man Face

Interested in helping him fulfill his gadget dream? Click here to purchase one of the drawings above (prices start at $20) or to request something customized.