Pic of the Day: Well-Lit Abandoned Spaces


Noel Kerns, a Dallas-based photographer who we discovered thanks to Boing Boing, paints abandoned spaces with colorful gelled lights in his nocturnal work. As he explains on his website, “I find night photography to be an interesting and addictive dichotomy; the purity and natural beauty of photographing under a bright, full moon, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, the creativity and power of the virtual blank canvas that is laid before me as I ‘light paint’ an interior scene.” View more of his beautiful images after the jump.

“This is a house, located just behind the ruins of the George D. Keith & Sons Ranch House, just south of Wichita Falls, Texas. The opposite end of this building was a garage. Not sure if this end was a guest house, possibly servants quarters, or maybe where the ranch foreman lived, but it’s in pretty bad shape these days. That’s is the kitchen on this end of the building.”

“Abandoned cafe, next door to the abandoned APCO station at the junction of I-35 & SR-15 in northern Oklahoma’s Noble County. This cafe was known throughout the region for it’s unique cuisine.”

“An old, abandoned farm house in central Kansas, a few miles north of a tiny town called Lyons, at a spot in the road called Pollard.”

“There’s still one seat available in the waiting area of the old Union Train Station ruins in Gary, Indiana. The janitor doesn’t sweep-up as much as he used to…”

“The shell of an abandoned gas station (possibly a Magnolia station) stands by the side of the road in Ferris, Texas.”