Introducing The Flavorpill Fix: An Original Music Web Series


Like many music-loving New Yorkers, we’ve been mourning the bizarre disappearance of our favorite NYC TV series: New York Noise. Its weekly dose of classic and independent music videos, hosted by bands, comedians and other local oddballs, was truly unique at a time when a network that’s supposed to be “Music Television” has been fully colonized by the Snookis and Speidis of the world.

So, when the Village Voice put out the word yesterday that NYC TV is seeking proposals for a brand-new New York Noise, it raised our eyebrows. And then, we got a crazy idea: We don’t need no stinkin’ proposals. We can do this ourselves — with your help.

Now, this won’t exactly be New York Noise. For one thing, here at Flavorpill, we’re interested music of all genres from around the globe. Plus, the monthly series will be exclusive to the web, which also means it will be accessible to viewers everywhere. And finally, we’ve got some top-secret ideas up our sleeve for features like band interviews, performance footage, and other fun exclusives.

Here’s where you come in: To make a music video show, the first thing we’ll need is… music videos! Are you a musician? Do you have musician friends? Do you make music videos? We’re interested in featuring clips that haven’t premiered on a major music site yet, from artists large, small, and even totally unknown. And that’s not all: We’re also taking submissions of great, short comedy skits and other diversions to compliment the music.

If you’re as pumped about this as we are, email your videos (in Quicktime format, via Sendspace, Megaupload, etc.) to by Sunday, April 25th. Also include: Contact info, a short list of credits (band, song, album, director, website) and any questions or special instructions you may have. We’ll get in touch if we plan to use your clip in the first Flavorpill Fix, which will go live in early May.

So, now the disco ball’s in your court: Submit your videos, spread the word, and feel free to point us to anything you’ve seen, love, and want to share with thousands of other music fans. The Flavorpill Fix will only be as unique, weird, and wonderful as you make it.