The Selby Is In Your Place: Winners!


At the end of March we presented you with a sneak preview of Todd Selby’s forthcoming domestic porn tome The Selby Is In Your Place, a photography book chock full of fabulous people and their even more fabulous interiors. We also promised a copy of said book to three winners who could ante up proof of their own photogenic, wacky, or exotic collections. (And for those of you who missed our giveaway, The Selby’s new book is now available for sale on Amazon.) Forthwith: we present our winners, after the jump.

Amy Garas: Antique piggy banks. My top three: an Uncle Sam bank, a metal circus elephant, and a bank of a man riding a bike with an old school ice cream cart attached to it.

Janelle: I collect miniature fake food. I have pieces from Japan and all over the place. Rubber food is the best.

Laura: Anything rhinoceros related. I have paintings of rhinos, figurines from various countries, pictures from my research projects on rhinos, a rhino lamp and a rhino hair bracelet from a rhino in South Africa I worked on.