Trend Watch: Condom Fashion


You may not expect to find sartorial inspiration during a trip to the Museum of Sex, but the rubbery threads from Brazilian native, Adriana Bertini, currently displayed as part of the “Rubbers” exhibition, are sure to boggle your mind.

Bertini’s sustainable collection of dresses, skirts and suits is made entirely from hundreds of factory-rejected condoms, and with her technique, the rubber guys seem to resemble lace, silk, and the finest of fabrics. Her message — that condoms are basic necessities, comparable to a pair of jeans — comes across loud and clear. The designs are not meant to be worn, but viewed as art pieces; her works have shown at UCLA’s Fowler Museum, the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, and even the United Nations.

So, what do you think? Is condom fashion something that you could imagine taking off? Or does this look like a Project Runway challenge gone bad?