Rate-a-Trailer: Solitary Man


This new indie dramedy — not to be confused with A Single Man or A Serious Man, which we couldn’t keep straight during Oscar season — debuted last year at the Toronto International Film Festival to mostly positive reviews. Not surprising, as it has a seriously stacked (and likable) ensemble cast: Michael Douglas, Jesse Eisenberg, Susan Sarandon, Mary Louise-Parker, Jenna Fischer, Danny DeVito, Olivia Thirlby, and Imogen Poots. Douglas plays a successful car magnate whose life takes a less picture perfect turn in the wake of his midlife crisis.

Our favorite moment in the trailer features him swigging out of a plastic cup at what looks to be a college party. How not Gordon Gekko is that?

Solitary Man hits theaters May 7th. In case you’re wondering, it will feature the Johnny Cash song of the same name over the opening credits.