Daily Dose Pick: Gregory Euclide


Artist Gregory Euclide builds mixed-media pieces about man’s effect on nature from the very Styrofoam, resin, metal, stones, wood, and grass in question.

Euclide’s sculptural paintings start out as landscape drawings, depicting fancifully detailed wooded vistas and pastoral riverbeds polluted through human carelessness. Working on these compositional foundations, he uses found materials from nature and industry to construct low-relief sculptures that become semi-literal replicas of that which they seek to represent.

See more of Euclide’s work on his website, follow him via his blog, and catch his his solo show at LA’s Merry Karnowsky Gallery or see his work as part of NYC group show Refresh at Christina Ray.

View images of Euclide’s work in our slideshow below.

Because abundance emerged beneath the messy promise

Capture #4

As I understood treetops to be bottoms falling out

Capture #12

Torn from the making of knowing’s vista

Spreading a thin valley through time lines and till lines

Falling on schist from rows of growing plains