The Best Muppet vs. Celebrity Interactions of All Time


On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart brought out a very special guest: Muppet Michael Steele, aka Mr. Johnson, the blue puppet man who always sends back his soup, much to Grover’s distress. In the interview, the pair discussed wasteful spending, racism, and “the lesbian bondage fiasco.” Tough topics, but Muppet Steele said that he was “happy to be in the hizzle with my main man Johnny Beefstew!” And then things were interrupted by his “Push It” ringtone.

The hilarious clip got us thinking about our other favorite Muppet/celebrity interactions. From Steve Martin to Johnny Cash, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best, but there are obviously a lot more. Share your favorites in the comments.

Alice Cooper

Elton John

John Cleese

John Denver

Johnny Cash

Peter Sellers

Raquel Welch

Rita Moreno

Sylvester Stallone

Steve Martin