Pic of the Day: Aging Pop Icons


Sure, Batman was svelte back in the day. But the ’80s was ages ago, and Italian artist Francesco de Molfetta sure lets us know it with these campy sculptures. His new exhibition, New Icons, currently on display at Milan’s Don Gallery, takes super recognizable personalities from the decade of excess and places them into a world with a lot less activity, and much more gluttony.

Fatman, 2010. 100 cm tall. Resin and fiberglass.

Barbie’s standard top-heavy frame is no longer — the plastic girl has got cankles. Also be on the lookout for some unlikely pairings — the ubiquitous Nike Air sneaks donned by Hitler? King Kong dubbed King Porn? Our childhood may seem a bit tainted, but consider us fascinated. Check out some of our favorite icons with a twist in the slideshow below.

SNACK BARbie, 2009. 22cm tall. Barbie doll and mixed media.

ETCI‘, 2009. 95 cm tall. Bronze.

King Porn, 2009. 53 cm tall. Unique ceramic.

Supersilvio, 2009. 100 cm tall, resin.

Hitlair, 2009. 13 cm tall. Mixed media.