The Followables: 10 Film Critics You Should Follow on Twitter


The world of Twitter can be hard to navigate. We know that you’re already following us @flavorpill, but we decided it would be fun (and possibly helpful) if we rounded up some of our other Twitter favorites in a series we call “The Followables.” This fourth installment of Twitter all-stars spotlights the tweeting *film critics who we love. And we’re always looking for recommendations, too. Do us a favor and leave a comment with anyone who you enjoy who didn’t make our list.


Who: Alison Willmore, editor of‘s film section, founder of the Indie Eye blog

Why: Because along with being extremely informative, her feed is also just really hilarious.


Who: Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood

Why: Because she’s a seasoned pro at industry analysis.


Who: Erik Davis, editor-in-chief of

Why: Because he’s a bit of a fanboy, and we mean that in the best way possible.


Who: Eugene Hernandez editor-in-chief of indieWIRE

Why: Because he has his finger on the pulse of the indie film world.


Who: Karina Longworth, film writer for LA Weekly

Why: Because her tweets are a mashup of off-the-cuff reviews and personal anecdotes that make us feel like we know her.


Who: Melissa Silverstein of Women & Hollywood

Why: Because she looks at the film industry from a feminist perspective, which is way too rare in our humble opinion.


Who: Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood

Why: Because she’s usually the first with industry scoop — and never shy about reminding us of that fact.


Who: Peter Sciretta, editor-in-chief of SlashFilm

Why: Because he’s super connected to the filmmaking community, and as a result, usually the first to tweet about new clips.


Who: Peter Travers, Rolling Stone‘s movie critic

Why: Because his film reviews are our favorite part of Rolling Stone, and his tweets are just as readable. An added bonus: He finds Michael Bay just as distasteful as we do.


Who: Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times film critic

Why: Because, as you probably know by now, we’re totally obsessed with him. Chaz better watch her back.

* As James points out in the comments below, we’re using the term really loosely here. But you get the gist. Nikki Finke is not a film reviewer, but certainly critiques the industry. Peter Sciretta runs one of the most important film blogs around, and it certainly has a point of view. So there you go.