Annotated Photos from True Blood Season 3


After waiting for what seems like forever, today is finally the day that we get some set photos from the upcoming season of True Blood. Because we have nothing better to do until June, we decided to caption them. Click through to peep what we came up with, and feel free to add your own versions in the comments.

Eric’s Bill impersonation? Pretty good, actually.

Vampire Mr. Darcy?!

Talbot is not amused that someone actually thought Chuck Bass was his fashion inspiration. Don’t they realize that he is the inspiration for Chuck Bass?

Bon Temps, Louisiana just got all kinds of Williamsburg on us.

Even the Sheriff is confused by the new waitress’ definition of fashion.

Is Bill wearing a nightgown?

“Why, yes. I am Nicolas Sarkozy.”

“I knew my lip liner skills would make Jessica want me.”

Lafayette just told Tara that he has two tickets to see Lady Gaga in Dallas. And he isn’t inviting her.

“Dude, you cool to stay here by yourself? I feel the urge to turn into a dog and tree a squirrel.”

Pam loves to the play the if-you-can-resist-the-urge-to-look-at-my-cleavage-I-won’t-eat-you game.

Sookie tries to empathize with Jessica as she explains all of the complications between her and Hoyt. But all Sookie can think about is how horrible it would be to be a virgin forever.

Eric’s “I’m serious” face only makes Sookie think about that time she had a sex dream about him. (We don’t blame her.)