Births and Deaths: Spamalot Out, Liza’s At The Palace…! In


Word that Tony award-winning Spamalot will close on January 18th reached our inbox at the same time that we received an email telling us that Liza Minnelli is bringing her “unmatchable magic” to Broadway in a one-woman show beginning December 3rd.

There’s a good joke in there somewhere, but it’s still too early on a Monday morning.

Our gut reaction is to wonder what kind of disconnected nut launches this kind of production (a mix of live concert and dramatic ode to Minnelli’s godmother, performer Kay Thompson aka, the woman who dreamed up Eloise) in the current economic crisis; if a naked Harry Potter is struggling to get fans in the seats, how does Minnelli think she’s going to cast a spell on penny-pinching audiences? And either way, does anyone younger than Liz Smith even care?

So I’m putting the question to you readers. How much do you think a pair of tickets to see Daniel Radcliffe in Equus should run? And would you be willing to shell out anything for the chance to see Liza with a ‘Z’?