Jim Carrey and 50 Cent Duet on “In Da Club” [Celeb Sightings]


The first weekend of Sundance is over and there is no shortage of assorted, celeb-infused soirees to report. The Bon Apetit Supper Club dinner hosted an eclectic crowd Saturday night. From Rupert Isaacson, whose journey to find a cure for his son’s autism is captured in the documentary, Over the Hills and Far Away, to Mike Tyson, who is the subject of James Toback’s, Tyson. The former fighter, well known for his antics and legal trouble, will choose to abstain from many of the festival’s parties, because he is cautious to avoid the troubles that his last round of celebrity brought him. [Variety]

Another unlikely pairing was Jim Carrey and 50 Cent at the Vitaminwater house party who did a duet of “In Da Club” in celebration of Carrey’s birthday. Also in attendance was girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Cuba Gooding Jr., Paris Hilton, and rounding out the bunch, Wesley Snipes. [EOnline]

Over at the Rock Band Lounge, where newlywed Nick Cannon was doing the DJ honors, according to party-goers, Mariah Carey debunked rumors of a baby on the way by having a little too much to drink. The culprit, wed wine. However, Mariah’s rep says the rumors are false. [NYDN]

With all the dinners and parties the stars have to stay in shape somehow. For Uma Thurman, it’s no problem, because apparently she never misses a workout. It is reported by fellow passengers that mid-flight on the airplane from New York to the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Thurman did a twenty minute yoga and dance routine in the aisle. Other stars are more inclined to take advantage of the fresh Park City powder by hitting the slopes. [ContactMusic]