You Know It’s Bad When Actors Choose to Wait Tables [Celeb News]


The 2009 Sundance Film Festival marks an important anniversary: The Big 2-5. However, not everyone is celebrating. In this economic climate the buyers seem to be exercising caution before placing the golden bet. [NYDN]

Evidenced by to the multitude of stories referencing it, the economy is surely having an effect on Sundance, but has it gotten bad enough that Emmy Rossum has given up acting to wait tables? Her short-lived waitress gig at the MySpace Cafe is actually to benefit Global Green, an environmental charity. Rossum is in Park City supporting Dare, a drama which costars Zach Gilford. [LAT]

Jim Carrey has had a plethora of roles in his day, but we see him in a new light in I Love You Philip Morris, where he plays Ewan McGregor’s gay lover. The film, a poignant and unique love story with enough twists to keep the audience enthralled, appears to be getting good reviews, but perhaps more importantly, what was Carrey’s review of McGregor’s kissing skills? “A dream come true,” he jokes. [HuffPo]

Speaking of witty retorts to reporters’ questions, John Krasinski had an interesting answer when asked what it was like directing himself. Krasinski panned, “I’ve never worked with a bigger diva.” The film in which The Office star plays dual roles is an adaptation of the late David Foster Wallace’s work, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. The author, who took his life last fall just after the film wrapped, never had the opportunity to see the finished product; Krasinski, a longtime fan, hopes it honors his memory. [NYT]