Flavorpill's Official Glee Drinking Game


For all of you who are not LOST watchers, we assume that you will be watching Glee‘s return to television tonight. (Huzzah!) And although we think that the show is charming and funny and can dance well even when we’re sober… we like drinking games. Besides, drinking copious amounts of alcohol makes everything more fun, right? Right. So, grab your favorite adult beverage and make sure you’re at home or somewhere where you can crash when you play Flavorpill’s Official Glee Drinking Game®. Because you will be drunker than Kurt after slinging back Chablis by the time we’re through with you. Feel free to add to our rules in the comments!

You must drink every time…

– Sue says something that would create a lawsuit in a real workplace. So, basically chug whenever she speaks.

– Rachel wears argyle anything.

– Anyone mentions pregnancy. Yes, even the fake one.

– Someone gets slushied. (This applies to recaps.)

– Finn wears sports paraphernalia.

– Mercedes out-sings Rachel. Double down if the scene gives you goosebumps.

– Kurt talks about fashion. Or Lady Gaga.

– Anyone points out that Vocal Adrenaline is scary good.

– Finn and Puck glare at each other.

– We’re reminded of Emma’s intense germophobia.

– Artie wears a sweater vest.

– Puck talks about sex.

– Tina speaks. Wait, that never happens. Just drink anytime that Tina is in the frame.

– Quinn reminisces about her days as a Cheerio.

– The guy whose name I don’t know because all he does is dance, dances.