Conan O'Brien: From Web Luddite to Billboard Tweeter


This time last year, Conan O’Brien didn’t even own his online domain name, much less have a Twitter account. Now he has over 800,000 followers and a legion of fans creating partner accounts (remember @CoCosBeard?). The friendly folks at Lamar Advertising Company are hoping to reach an even larger audience by putting Conan’s tweets on digital billboards. The company claims to be completely unaffiliated with Team Coco, yet they’re investing a pretty good chunk of change restoring Conan to his rightful place on screens all over America. Which we find curious. From their website:

His audience is also lost. Some are picking up the pieces of their lives, but many can’t. Some are too young to know this isn’t their fault: that they’ve done nothing wrong. So, until this talented, brilliant, voluptuously coiffed man has his show back, we shall offer him our screens.

What do you think? Would you want a towering portrait of Conan imperiously presiding over your freeways? It will certainly be more interesting than your typical billboard advertisement…