Big Blog Crush: The Unknown Hipster


Thanks to our friends at Fader, we recently discovered a new blog worth bookmarking: The Unknown Hipster. New York-based Parisian illustrator and author Jean-Phillipe Delhomme is taking back the term for bearded lovelies everywhere (sorry Gawker, but The Unknown Fauxhemian just doesn’t have the same ring to it), posting suggested cultural outings, musings on spirituality, and even some pieces of original artwork, like the self-portrait you see here. We’re charmed, and have but one complaint — we wish he’d update a lot more often. Click through for more of his lovely illustrations, complete with a cameo by Terry Richardson.

In Conversation with Central Park Coyote

A Dreary Saturday in Chelsea

Terry Richardson at Damien Hirst’s “End of an Era”

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