Daily Dose Pick: Making Ideas Happen


Based on the conditions in which artists thrive as professionals Behance founder Scott Belsky reveals his formula for creative success in Making Ideas Happen.

Just like his Behance Network, which offers artists an online portfolio-sharing platform, Belsky’s book offers motivation to put concepts into practice, outlining key steps in the execution of ideas. Referencing a framework that involves inspiration, organization, and leadership, it’s a step-by-step primer for making your own creative dreams become reality.

Check out Scott Belsky’s own Behance portfolio, browse the entire site, watch video featuring Belsky from CNN, and buy the book


Click through below to view a gallery of images from the Behance network. (Note: images are not included in the book.)

The Birds, Recycled 8mm film with reel on canvas, 2009. From “Ghost in the Machine” by Erika Iris Simmons

From “13th Street ‘Stationery of Horror'” by Jacques Pense

From “Art Direction: Computer Arts Project Covers” by Alan Wardle

From “20” by Garmonique

From “Little Lands” by Jack Ambridge

Oil on board, 100x70cm. From “paintings 2” by Przemek Blejzyk

Sweet Talk, from “Chivalry Is Undead” by Kira Shaimanova

From “My Moleskine” by Anna Rusakova

From “Up to Easter” by Mattias Adolfsson

The Serpent Tempts Eve to Eat from the Tree of Knowledge from “The New World (Tiger Translate 2010)” by ISE Ratinan Thaijareorn