Stephen Colbert Respects Census-Skirting Hipsters


Brooklyn residents are notorious for their collectively low Census return rate. According to the Brooklyn Eagle , only 52% of Brooklynites bothered filling out and dropping the form in the mail in 2000. But this year the borough outdid themselves — only 46% of residents returned the form by the April 1st deadline. Williamsburg’s notorious hipster population managed a 36% return rate. To be honest, we’re shocked that it’s above 20%.

Last night, Stephen Colbert tackled the topic during his Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger segment. We assumed that Colbert would wag his judgmental finger at the hipsters, but au contraire. Colbert said that he has a new-found respect for them because “as a demographic they are consistently not filling out Obama’s Census.” Peep the video after the jump and skip to 1:45 if you don’t want to sit through Colbert talking about the Forbes Fictional 15 and Richard Branson.

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