Rate-a-Trailer: Get Low


The storyline for Aaron Schneider’s Get Low — which stars Bill Murray, Robert Duvall, and Sissy Spacek — reminds of us of that episode of The Golden Girls where Sophia decides to stage her own wake because she’s curious to see what people will say about her. It turns out that it’s actually based on the true story of Felix Bush (Duvall), a hermit who lived in the sticks of Tennessee back in the ’30s. As it tends to go in small Southern towns, people take his reclusive nature to imply that he has done unspeakable things, and Bush becomes the subject of much speculation. He believes that having a living funeral will be his chance to both hear what people really think of him and to set the record straight about why his been hiding out in the woods. Murray plays the shady funeral home director determined to make some money off of the whole thing. Sounds promising, no?

Get Low will be in limited release in theaters on July 30th. Will you be checking it out?