The Top 10 Celebrities Who Hate Lady Gaga


We’re fascinated by Lady Gaga. But despite her numerous collaborations, leotards and intellectual pursuits, she remains a rather divisive celebrity. There are some major Gaga haters out there — including the newest member of the tribe, Grace Jones. (Not that we’re judging Grace; Gaga totally ripped off her shtick.) But there are plenty of other famous people mouthing off about the pop star who we’re surprised even know her name. After the jump, a roundup of our favorite random disses.

“I don’t think her music is that compelling, but that’s cause I listen to rock music.” – Courtney Love

“I wouldn’t want my child to watch this video. Would you? What do you think? Should these two extremely gifted female role models for millions of young girls, maybe, have given a little more thought to the effect it might have on their core audience?” – Donny Osmond [on the “Telephone” music video]

“I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually… I really don’t think of her at all… I wouldn’t go see her.” – Grace Jones

“I’m starting to feel that people are saying I’m Lady Gaga and also that Jesse James woman. I’m starting to feel insulted, ’cause I don’t want to look like either one of them.” – Marilyn Manson

“She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know? She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I fucking do!” – M.I.A.

“It’s hard for me to talk about it; I’ve seen a couple of videos of hers, and not for very long. I stop watching them each time because I don’t think there’s melodies. I’m sorry to be negative…But to me, even if it’s popular, there is a quality in the music you have to be able to appreciate. And I don’t see it. Her melodies are very conventional.” – Michel Gondry

“Lady Gaga? (I may be showing my age here but who’s Lady Gaga?). It made my teeth hurt! MY TEETH!!” – Noel Gallagher

“We have to speculate on whether she has a male member or not, or whether it’s been cut off or not…Gaga and Beyoncé gay lesbian lovers? It’s disgusting… this is poison for the minds of our kids. And our minds.” – Sandy Rios, Fox News Contributor

“Heidi [Montag]’s a far more talented artist. Personally, I think Lady Gaga is repulsive and classless.” – Spencer Pratt

“She’s what I call a meteor — singers who entertain people for a while. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that… She wants to entertain people. Right now, half the world is depressed and they need to be entertained. So her timing’s perfect.” – Tori Amos