Subway Advisory: Read These Signs


The New York City public transportation system has perks (sprawling network of routes, same admission price for every trip) and drawbacks (odd smells, transients, weekend service changes). And while most passengers channel rage in a highly passive-aggressive manner, we prefer something a little more subtle. Please. Jason Shelowitz is granting our wish with a public art campaign launching citywide via a limited run of hand-pulled, four-color screen prints extolling the virtues of Subway Etiquette. They’re visually similar to the ubiquitous flyers posted by the actual MTA, so pay close attention. Three samples and our own warning after the jump.

Personal Space:

Yes, this is America and you are allowed to grow your hair as long as you’d like, but please don’t flip it over your shoulder and let it dangle onto other passengers’ bare skin. Human hair that isn’t attached to one’s own head feels disgusting. While we’re at it, don’t lean your entire person on the poles in the middle of the car, causing everyone else to hold on for dear life and try their best to avoid touching your rump/shoulder/abdomen/cheek. Please.

Bonus link: Read a brief interview with Shelowitz at New York Mag.