The Flavorpill Mixtape XXII: Blonde Redhead, Band of Horses, Mystery Jets


In addition to the bigwigs (Blonde Redhead/Band of Horses) and mainstays (Woods/The Antlers), this week’s mix also features bands that have been under the radar because they’re either from across the Atlantic (Mystery Jets/Pony Pony Run Run) or just completely new to us. Get familiar with the next ten, and be sure to Right click + Save As the songs you like after the jump.

1. Blonde Redhead – “Not Getting There

Kazu Makino’s ghostly, familiar dreaminess makes for a more than overdue update from three years ago. Sure, it may just be a demo that was released in celebration of Record Store Day last week, but we’re already excited for its final cut.

2. The Antlers – “VCR (The xx Cover)

Who knew that a mellower version of “VCR” was even possible? Brooklyn’s Peter Silberman takes to a college radio station to channel a much folkier version of The xx’s original.

3. Band of Horses – “Factory

The opening song on their upcoming third on May 18 is much more enjoyable than the other two leaked so far. The orchestral flushes over Ben Bridwell’s recognizable layered vocals hit just the right spot.

4. Kurt Vile – “Invisibility:Nonexistent

Kurt Vile’s Sonic Youth-approved contrasting low-and-high plucking-and-strumming introduce this seven-minute breezy masterpiece, culminating in something along the lines of Atlas Sound.

5. Porcelain Raft – “Gone Blind

To compare it to MGMT’s “Pieces of What” would be reductive but somewhat understandable. However, Mauro Remiddi transcends any similar comparisons with his soaring echoes, spacey guitars, and perfectly reverbed vocals.

6. Woods – “Blood Dries Darker

For their second album, At Echo Lake , Woods leaves the tape recorder at home for lusher arrangements, while still maintaining the sound of a 21st century Neil Young. If you can’t contain your excitement for Woods until May 11, why not check out their sister band, the Babies?

7. Devin Therriault – “I Don’t Think I

There’s something irreconcilably catchy about Therriault’s shouty vocals. Probably because his surf rock vibe all hinges upon a progression similar to “Dancing In the Moonlight.” Who’s complaining?

8. Pony Pony Run Run – “Walking On A Line (Lifelike Remix)

Lifelike drags the original into Friendly Fires territory, but with more House, it’s almost homier. The French producer also has quite the modest collection of remixes.

9. Mystery Jets – “Flash A Hungry Smile

With an introduction reminiscent of Guillemots, the British fiver returns to the indie pop scene after two years with a singalong chorus, hilariously straightforward lyrics, and infectious whistles.

10. MillionYoung – “Love Is All Around

Mike Diaz’s tribal drumsticks over airy acoustics make for an unexpected remix of the theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show . Proof of our love for his brand of therapeutic reverb is all around you.

Download the whole mix here.