Fiction Fix: A Clever Tongue in His Head by Amy Gottfried


The Fiction Fix is your weekly dose of short story. If that’s not your drug of choice, too bad: consider it medicine, for your blogged-out brain and for the ailing genre itself. Every week, we’ll scour the literary magazines you don’t have time to read, online and in print, and let you know where to find one story worth reading.

The Adirondack Review publishes “evolving” quarterly issues, which is to say, they’re posting content as they go, rather than a whole issue at once. In the current iteration of Winter 2008-2009/Volume IX, No. 4, we found A Clever Tongue in His Head, by Amy Gottfried. This sharp little piece combines ghosts, grief, and literary criticism, and still manages to tell us something about the ‘”emotion systems” in animals.’