The 5 Best Music Videos of the Week


Indiscriminate, random insanity in music videos is never a bad thing, and this week’s batch of music videos offer up plenty of eyebrow-raising WTF moments, both hilarious and horrifying. You’ll try to figure out the prerequisites for summoning your favorite musician if it’s as fun as it is to find Moby, want to join LCD Soundsystem even if it means going through the hazing, and wonder just what exactly Devendra Banhart’s sex life is like behind closed doors (on second thought, that one might not be at the top of your list). Also, this week includes the debut of our nomination for the best music video so far this year: Editors’ “Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool,” an intensely wrought animation epic with overt but non-intrusive social symbolism/commentary. After the jump, view all of our picks for best music videos of the past week, and let us know in the comments section if you agree.

Editors – “Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool”

A macabre, gothic puppet show featuring an assembly line of dismembered animal parts, pill-popping subhumans and a wildly gesticulating marionette presumably spreading propaganda. It’s an eerie, disturbing animated depiction of a puppet version of Brave New World dystopia, chain smokers so obsessed with appearances they barely care when skin is peeled off their back or their eyes are yanked out of their sockets, so long as the circus of production continues.

Devendra Banhart – “Foolin'”

Reggae wheeze and flow accompanies Devendra Banhart’s visit to a sadomasochistic dungeon master, complete with nipple close-ups, a skimpy black thong, and a marriage acceptance spelled out through bloody flagellation wounds. Banhart also has the periodic symbol for iron inexplicably tattooed just above his sternum and gets pinky finger amputated, the blood used for lipstick. Supremely graphic and NSFW but not altogether unsurprising; only Banhart would depict the passage of time using different facial hair styles.

LCD Soundsystem – “Drunk Girls”

This Spike Jonze-directed video features James Murphy held hostage for a performance in front of panda-people, for once being the only one not completely wearing white. Band’s members are thoroughly inspected/molested, as well as being subject to confetti, egg, and fire extinguisher attacks. The video ends with Murphy transforming into a bewigged drunk girl and some serious celebration panda-monium that makes you think there was probably a pretty insane after-party to this shoot. On a side note, it’s not a good idea to Google “drunk girls video” without making sure you also add the name “LCD Soundsystem.”

Moby – “Wait For Me”

“How To Summon Moby For Dummies” is the guidebook used in this irreverent and charming video, Moby’s chosen winner for his fan-made video contest. Instructions such as “Search for Aliens” leads to a neighborhood search for lost pets, and the command to “Reenact Porn Movie” is met with surprisingly little apprehension; apparently summoning Moby is pretty important. The incongruity of the violently furry ending is interesting considering Moby’s fierce animal rights background.

The xx – “Islands”

For all the talk of the dark, brooding sensuality to be found in The xx’s music, this video makes it look like they’d rather suck each other’s blood than be forced to lock lips. Clad in their typical black, the trio sits motionless during gut-churningingly repetitive zoom-outs while choreographed dancers are continually pulled and twirled away from a kiss. The burning logos and couches at the end are a bit too literal, but the song structure fits well with the perceived end of a relationship.