Meat Loaf and Jack Black Team Up for “Like a Rose”


Meat Loaf’s new concept album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear (a line you might recognize from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls), drops on May 11. If you’ve seen his gripping episode of Behind the Music, then you know what a big deal it is that he’s even still around; since breaking onto the rock ‘n roll scene with Bat Out of Hell in 1977, he’s seen some highs (a Grammy!) and lows (bankruptcy, a heart condition). With this latest, Meat Loaf teamed up with producer Rob Cavallo, who is known for his work with modern acts like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Paramore. “I wanted it big,” he explained in a statement. “I wanted it dramatic. I wanted a rock record.”

Listen below as Tenacious D.’s Jack Black duets with Meat Loaf on “Like a Rose.” Not exactly groundbreaking material, but it made us smile.