Rough Justice: Inside the Private Sketchbooks of Alex Ross


With the recently-released Rough Justice

, fans of DC Comics get a peek inside the private sketchbooks of famed artist Alex Ross. The nascent images, a mixture of pencil and ink drawings, include deleted scenes and altered panels from the Kingdom Come series, reject covers from Superman and Batman comics of 2008-2009, and plenty of appearances by DC favorites like Batgirl, Captain Marvel, and Sandman.

The book was edited and designed by Chip Kidd, who explains in the intro, “When you see Alex’s finished painted work, it’s tempting to take for granted that it arrives fully formed, like some kind of impossible cosmic photojournalism. He is that good, without question.” Lucky for all of us, that’s just not true. Click through for more of our favorite images, courtesy of Ross and Pantheon Books.