Exclusive: Bobcat Goldthwait and the Cast of World’s Greatest Dad


Given that conservative is hardly Bobcat Goldthwait’s middle name (hello, bestiality innuendos in Sleeping Dogs Lie), his latest movie World’s Greatest Dad (which he wrote and directed) was one of Sundance’s most highly anticipated films.

While WGD was rather conservatively billed in the Sundance film guide, Bobcat definitely had some clever tricks up his sleeve, including a racy freak accident and even full frontal from Robin Williams. Yes, you read it correctly: full frontal from Robin Williams.

It doesn’t stop here though. After the jump, tune in for the juicy highlights of Bess Devenow’s interview with Bobcat and cast members Daryl Sabara and Henry Simmons, including who came up with the idea for Williams to go full monty and who’s such a big Radiohead fan that he actually paid for In Rainbows.

Flavorwire: At the premiere last night, we noticed the cast seemed exceptionally close. Did this come naturally or did you resort to drastic measures like spiking the Kool Aid?

Bobcat Goldthwait: (bursts into laughter): I like working with my friends and there were even folks in the movie that couldn’t show up that were older friends like Tom Kenny. He’s just got a tiny part, but I just like working with the people I’ve known for a long time. It’s just really funny because I get all my friends together and they kind of spin out of control. And I’m left being the grown-up “come on guys, settle down.” Sometimes it’s like being a grade school teacher.

FW: How much cajoling did it take to get Robin to go full frontal?

BG: (laughs again) Kind of his idea. We were walking down the hall and he goes “what if I do it naked?” and I go “I’ve gotta think about it” and it was really funny. I took about five more steps and I came back and I go “yeah that’s a good idea.” I didn’t want it to take you out of the movie but I also felt like it was a good move.

FW: We want to steal Tony V. (one of Bobcat’s best friends who acted in WGD) in our suitcase by the way. He just seems like the coolest guy.

BG: (laughs hysterically) He really is. And also, if you ever in Boston, he’s got the hook ups.

FW: If a biopic were to be made about your life, what would you title it? (using five words or less)

BG: (Counts on his hands) Wait I can’t. I was gonna say “I’ll Burn That Bridge When I Get To It” but that’s more than five words.

FW: So at the Q&A following the premiere, we learned that you had initially been going out for the role of Andrew (the quiet geeky friend) but some quick thinking on your part garnered you the role of the lewd and outspoken Kyle. Tell us more about this.

Daryl Sabara: I got the script and I read it before school one night; I stayed up until about 1 a.m. and I read it real quick. I was laughing so hard I woke up my brother. We share a room. But I read it and Kyle stood out. He was so different… there are a lot of teenage boys who are one of two cliches: either they’re really nerdy or really cool. This guy didn’t give a crap about anything and it was really exciting reading it on paper and seeing it last night was that same experience I had reading it on paper and much more.

So then I met Bobcat and I got all my appointments and everything and it said “Andrew” and I kind of just didn’t want to bother saying anything and I just wanted to meet Bobcat. And the first thing he says when I come in is “who are you reading for?” and I go “Kyle”. And I had both roles prepared just in case and Bobcat said “Eh Kyle, not so sure. Do you want to read for Andrew?” and I said “No”. I mean I have read for two different parts in things before and usually you get the response of “He’s not all Kyle and he’s not all Andrew. He’s kind of in-between” and I didn’t want to take that chance. I was really passionate about this Kyle guy and hadn’t seen anyone do him before and I just wanted to try it and he let me. And that’s the great thing about Bobcat. I mean I was thrilled when I heard that I got the part and of course working with Robin, I was stoked and ecstatic. I love his films and everything, so I was really excited to work with him.

FW: We love playing Rock Band and hear you play the guitar. If you could round out your Rock Band with any musician, who would you put on your dream team?

DS: I’m a huge Coldplay fan. I saw them in concert a couple months ago and it was pretty awesome. I love Arcade Fire, a lot of alternative and folk. I’m a huge Nick Drake fan. For every character I read, I try to focus in on their musical taste. For Kyle, I know I listened to a lot of Notorious B.I.G. and then Nirvana.

For my Rock Band, Chris Martin for sure and Nick Drake were he still there man, him definitely and then a drummer. The guy from Radiohead, I don’t know his name but he’s awesome. In Rainbows blew me out of the water.

FW: And we got to get it for free first.

DS: No I paid for it. I wanted to support them.

FW: Which actors have had the most impact on your career?

DS: There’s so many. I mean Robin was definitely one of them. I loved Hook when I was little and it always gave me a lot of creative ideas. And right now, Robert Downey Jr., Philip Seymour Hoffman and Johnny Depp of course. There are some really great actors. I can’t name them all. I just love watching their work and seeing what they come up with. It’s really inspiring especially after Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight. I actually watched it right before I went to set one day. I went to the eight o’clock showing in the morning and it was so inspiring so I love being inspired and so many actors inspire me.

FW: What is your worst habit?

Henry Simmons: Not listening to my girlfriend.

FW: The official spirits sponsor of Sundance is Le Tourment Vert absinthe, which spawned a creative class decades ago. As a member of the modern creative class, are there any fellow actors whose full resume you would love to steal? Remember you will get the good and the bad roles.

HS: Richard Burton and Laurence Fishburne. I know there is a third one too but those two come to me top of mind.

FW: You are stranded on a desert island with minimal resources, only nature. Which cast member from this movie do you think you would have the greatest chance of survival/rescue with?

HS: Robin because he would keep me laughing the whole time.

* Images courtesy of Nate “Igor” Smith, drivenbyboredom.com