Pic of the Day: Pencil vs. Camera


[Editor’s note: For the next two Fridays, Flavorwire will be counting down our 20 most popular features of 2010. This post, which originally ran on April 26, 2010, comes in at position number 18.] Ben Heine is a Belgian artist/photographer hybrid who puts himself front and center in his ongoing experimental series Pencil Vs. Camera. Heine combines the a mixture of camerawork and illustration, held by his own hand, in his pan-European adventures spanning France, Belgium, and Portugal at current tally. A few notable additions from the set after the jump; click through to see the entire series.

The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium.

A view of Utrecht from Dom Tower, the tallest church tower in The Netherlands.

Interior of the Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille, France.

The inspiration for the series.