The Saga Continues: Billy Corgan vs. Courtney Love


What a tangled web they weave. After over fifteen years of on-again, off-again, romantic, platonic, and catastrophic relationship strife between Billy Corgan and Courtney Love, Corgan exploded earlier today on his Twitter feed, spewing pure vitriol in Love’s direction. In a quickfire series of tweets that started approximately two hours ago, Corgan fired shots at Love’s artistic ability, her facilities as a parent and decent human being, and musical credibility without him or Kurt Cobain to latch onto. It’s pretty vicious, and surprising after a month-long silence following Love’s attempts to reconcile after Corgan blasted Love as an “abyss” in a self-congratulatory Rolling Stone interview. Follow the twisted tale and tell us: whose side are you on?

Courtney first retaliated from Corgan’s dishy RS interview with her own Spin cover story; for two people who ostensibly hate each other they sure can’t get each other out of their heads. For those unfamiliar with the pair’s history, Love and Corgan briefly dated prior to her marriage to Kurt Cobain, and many people believe that the musical success of Hole is entirely due to the on-the-sly songwriting of Cobain and Corgan on the Live Through This and Celebrity Skin albums. In any case, Corgan’s anger seems to have stemmed from Love using songs he wrote on the newest Hole album Nobody’s Daughter without his legal permission.

Excerpted below is the bizarre apology Love posted on Facebook plus a full recap of today’s Corgan tweets. Sidenote: if he channeled some of this anger into his music, we might actually get some better music from “The Smashing Pumpkins.”

First, the full quote from Corgan’s Rolling Stone interview: If Love releases the new songs “it would be a real big problem, because I haven’t given my permission. I have no interest in supporting her in any way, shape or form. You can’t throw enough things down the abyss with a person like that.”

And, Love’s rambling, incoherent Facebook apology:

And in chronological order of fury unleashed on Courtney Love, here are Corgan’s tweets:

[Ed. Note: Is it just me, or is it hysterically funny when people — especially “famous” “people” — get into dramatic arguments involving an abbreviated form of the word “you”? Okay, moving on.]

We’re also going to assume that this Tweet from yesterday is also directed at Ms. Love: “You know, if you are gonna recall sexual debauchery, at least try to get the year right.” As well as this one and this one about love (“Love,” ahem) and addiction.