Anyone Can Play Guitar: Radiohead Cover Love


It’s no surprise (pun intended) that everyone loves Radiohead. Because the Oxfordshire four-piece takes so notoriously long to produce new material under the Radiohead moniker, and with individual band members constantly fussing over side projects (Thom Yorke supergrouping, Jonny Greenwood soundtracking, Phil Selway and the drum kit solo tour), we’re grateful for any covers we can get our hands on — even if it’s just Coco in a faux-Yorke accent jamming along to our Rock Band guilty pleasure, “Creep.” After the jump, our twelve favorite love letters to the band, inspired by Regina Spektor’s March 23rd Irving Plaza performance of “No Surprises.”

1. Damien Rice – “Creep” ytaudio(-6uyZ4jKTdg)

2. Jamie Cullum – “High and Dry” ytaudio(otvsMONDksA)

3. Easy Star All Stars – “Fitter Happier” ytaudio(mgSvCU3YOAc)

4. Gillian Welch – “Black Star” ytaudio(7YTW6zj6G-I)

5. Sia – “Paranoid Android” ytaudio(rMT3fxpocXE)

6. The Flaming Lips – “Knives Out” ytaudio(lxdUB43fgFA)

7. Cold War Kids – “Electioneering” ytaudio(VaViWnFwmZM)

8. Camera – “Idioteque” ytaudio(BebptLa9RzA)

9. Jeff Tweedy – “Fake Plastic Trees” ytaudio(jipFV3qIrok)

10. Gnarls Barkley – “Reckoner” ytaudio(o2DpLGNqNgY)

11. Mark Ronson – “Just (ft. Alex Greenwald)” ytaudio(fxu5CUPRU-U)

12. Regina Spektor – “No Surprises” ytaudio(sXKDL6WD9CQ)