The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Conan will likely “flirt with the restrictions” on not trash-talking NBC or Jay Leno when he does his first post-kerfuffle interview on this Sunday’s 60 Minutes. [via Vulture] 2. A whopping 810,500 visitors saw the Tim Burton retrospective at MoMA, the third highest attendance for the museum following its 1980 Picasso show (naturally) and a Matisse exhibition from 1992. [via ArtsBeat] 3. Gunning for a share of the AARP market, the WE network is launching “Sunset Daze,” a reality show based in a “bawdy” Arizona senior citizens community. Seriously, read this link. [via New York Times] 4. Sandra Bullock wages a war of PR niceties with a People mag exclusive on her adopted newborn son from New Orleans and impended divorce from cheatin’ husband Jesse James. [via People] 5. Newly minted tech blogger John Mayer weighs on with his opinion on Twitter: “Every night I think about canceling my Twitter account because I think it’s over to be honest with you.” [via E! Online]

Bonus link: A poetic ode to the Kentucky Derby, courtesy of Morning News contributor Andrea Cohen.