Mad Men’s Season Finale and the Debatable Future of Peggy and Pete’s Mystery Baby


As any good season finale should, last night’s episode of MAD MEN left viewers with a series of intriguing questions to tide them over until the show’s next (confirmed!) go-round. In fact, it’s all we’ve been talking about today in the office.

Will Betty finally forgive Don for his transgressions? Will Duck Phillips’ badly hidden alcoholism sabotage his shot at professional prestige?

But perhaps the most enjoyable to think about: what will become of Peggy and Pete’s baby, being raised presumably by an adoptive family somewhere in the wilds of Brooklyn?

One thing’s for sure: this baby will live his/her life with a quiet desperation inherited from Pete, Peggy, and all their coworkers.

But let’s take the long view on this one.

What will the baby that Peggy abandoned in favor of her career at Sterling Cooper turn out to be?

Leave your answer in the comments.

A. A nefarious copywriting genius B. A (lapsed) Catholic priest C. A serial killer D. A nefarious copywriting genius who is also a serial killer

– Ben Hart